Cairo Intl. Velodrome

Cairo, Egypt

About UCI Tissot Cairo Track Nations Cup

To be able to be able to welcome the top track riders and national teams to Cairo, Egypt for the 2023 Tissot UCI Track Nations Cup is a privilege and an honour. This is an event that has great importance, and to have the first Tissot UCI Track Nations Cup event ever to take place in Africa is a significant step forward for all involved, and great to see.

The Cairo International Velodrome is the leading facility on the African Continent and has already played host to a variety of international track cycling events, and in 2021, the track saw the future stars of the sport competing at the UCI Junior Track Cycling World Championships. The core of that local organizing committee is again involved in 2023, and we look forward to working with the established stars of the sport at this prestigious event.

Egypt is an ancient land that has always been at the forefront of development and innovation and has given the modern world so many things that are taken for granted in today’s age, and it is no small coincidence that the first two-wheel vehicles with spoked wheels able to carry people were invested in Egypt thousands of years ago.  

It is with great joy and anticipation of the excellent competition ahead that we welcome all the participating nations and riders to the 2023 Tissot UCI Track Nations Cup in Cairo and wish all well in their endeavours.


The purpose of this Event Manual is to ensure participating teams are fully prepared for the second round of the 2023 Tissot UCI Track Nations Cup.  Mainly intended for team managers, this document focuses on the purely sporting aspects of the organisation. For more information on other matters, see the end of this document for other useful addresses and links.

If you have any question or suggestion concerning this document, please do not hesitate to contact the UCI Track Department ([email protected]).


Address of the velodrome:

Cairo International Velodrome, Cairo International Stadium Complex, Nasr City, Cairo – Egypt

Characteristics of the track

Length:             250m

Width:              7.00m

Surface:            Siberian Pine

Bend:                42°

Straight:           12.5°

Circumference at the fence: 285m

How to get to the venue

Nearest International airport: Cairo International Airport

Distance from the Airport to the Velodrome: 13km with a journey time of 15 – 30 minutes by car depending on time of day and traffic conditions. Transport shuttles will be in place from all official hotels throughout the day on a regular basis.