Cairo Intl. Velodrome

Cairo, Egypt

4 finals will be held during the evening of the third day of the Cycling World Cup in Cairo

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The third day of the Track Cycling World Cup, hosted by Egypt at the International Cycling Track at Cairo Stadium, continues from March 14 to 17, under the patronage of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic.
The Madison Women’s Final will be held in the evening of the day, which begins shortly.
The morning competitions concluded the third day of the World Cup a short while ago, and the rest of the results resulted in the qualification of 24 players to the final of the men’s aluminum race, and our national team player Youssef Zaki said goodbye to the competition after finishing 17th in the first qualifier, where the top 12 from each group of the two qualifying groups qualify.
Four players qualified for the women’s sprint semi-finals, while our national team player Shahd Saeed said goodbye to the competition after finishing 38th in the qualifiers.
Finally, 12 players qualified for the semi-finals of the men’s kereen, and our national team players Abderrahmane Imbabi and Hussein Nasser bid farewell to the competition from the first round.
The evening period will witness the establishment of 4 finals, namely the men’s keren final, women’s sprint and women’s madison, in addition to the men’s aluminum final race