Cairo Intl. Velodrome

Cairo, Egypt

The Netherlands, Denmark, China and America harvest gold on the second days of the world’s bike cas in Cairo

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The curtain paid tribute to the second day of the World Cup of Bicycles on the International Stadium in Cairo under the patronage of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.
The results of today’s competitions were as follows:
In the final of the teams’ pursuit competitions, men won the Danish national gold medal while the French national team came second and harvested silver and Germany won the bronze medal.
In the matchmaking competitions, women achieved the gold medal of France, the silver medal of New Zealand and the bronze medal of Germany.
In the final of the Sprint competitions, women’s teams, China won the gold, Germany the silver and France the bronze.
In the final of the Sprint race, men won the Netherlands by gold, France by silver and Japan by bronze.
In the final of the elimination race, women won the gold medal of America’s player Jennifer Valente and the silver medal of France’s player Victoria Berto and the bronze medal of Britain’s player Suvi Lewis.
While Ibtissam Zayed was replaced by an Egyptian national team player in the fifteenth place.
In the elimination race, men, British William Tedbal achieved the gold medal, and Dutch Yuri Havik harvested the silver and Italian medal Michel Scartizini harvested the bronze medal while Egypt’s national team player Ahmed Saad came in the eighteenth place.